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Ways to Choose the Best Intraday Forex Signals

Choose the Best Intraday Forex Signals

The official forex signal websites are a life-saver for thousands of forex traders across the world. The forex signals are notifications transmitted by automated robots or professional forex traders to indicate the right time for trading currency pairs. Both the advanced and beginners in forex trading employ the best intraday forex signal service provider to extract profits from the forex market.

Intraday forex trading is highly profitable, but it requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise. Besides, intraday trading also requires rapid decision-making, which mandates the employment of the forex signal service provider. The service provider can analyze the forex market at an amazing speed and transmit highly accurate signals to ensure profits. Read on to find out the ways averting scams while choosing the best intraday forex signal service provider and follows the rules to rake in good profits.

How to avoid scams while choosing the best intraday forex signal?

If you are already a part of the forex trading industry, then you must know that there are hundreds of scams waiting to ensnare innocent traders. Steer clear of the tall promises and flashy advertisements and be cautious about choosing the right and trustworthy forex signal for intraday trading. Keep the following three tips in mind while venturing out to select the best intraday forex signal service provider.

The forex industry almost brims over with scams and so it of the utmost importance to exercise caution. Do not fall for tall promises or advertisements of huge profits, as these are nothing but scam marketing techniques to compel the unsuspecting forex intraday traders to sign up for defective services and products. Ignore such gimmicks and choose an intraday forex signal service provider who offers premium services and provides free trial service too.

1. Think of the feasibility

Before subscribing to the services of the best intraday forex signal service provider, the intraday forex trader should analyze the trading history, comments, articles, and other information sources for the determination of the practicality of use. Make sure that the trading signal suits your trading style and strategies, as it would not be profitable otherwise.

2. Avoid making big investments in the intraday forex trading signals

The forex traders subscribe to the services of the best intraday forex signal service provider with the hope of making lucrative profits. High hopes of profits drive the traders to make a significant investment of funds in intraday forex trading, and some of them even end up investing their entire life’s savings in forex. However, it should always be kept in mind that the forex market is too erratic, variable, and unpredictable. And so, any fluctuation can trigger tremendous losses. The best approach is to conduct intraday forex trading with small investments. You should invest only what you can afford to lose, and do not ever invest a huge amount as it is too risky.

What are the rules for selecting the stocks for intraday forex trading?

1. Liquidity

The stocks which are liquid generally possess high volume numbers that permit significant quantities of buying and selling without any effect on the price of the stocks. The strategies of intraday forex trading rely on the accuracy of timing and speed of execution, and as such, the high volume of stocks makes it easier to open and close the trading positions. It is also critical to maintain the depth, as it indicates the level of liquidity of the stock at different price levels below or above the current market offer and bid.

2. Medium to high volatility

Most of the intraday traders need to keep track of the movement of price for making profits. The traders can select those stocks which usually shift in terms of dollars or percentage. The stocks which shift by 3% or more every day allow consistent intraday trading with significant moves. This rule holds for those stocks as well, which shift by $1.50 or more.

3. Group followers

Although there are quite a number of forex traders who are experts in contrarian plays, most of the traders seek equities that are in correlation with the index or sector group. This rule implies that that stock price increases when the index or the sector tick indicates an upward trend. The rule is significant when the forex trader trades in the weakest or the strongest stocks every day. If the forex trader conducts trading in the same stock daily, it is prudent and profitable move to focus on that stock only, without stressing out about its correlation with other factors


Intraday trading in the forex market is a risky business. However, the quick profits that flow in every day can be very tempting. And so, choosing the best intraday forex signal service provider is of great importance to withstand the risks and rake in huge profits. Keep the tips in mind to avoid losses and exercise the utmost caution while selecting the service provider. Study and analyze the different features like volatility, liquidity, and correlation of the forex trading stocks and conduct intraday trading with the help of the intraday forex signal service provider to make quick profits daily.

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